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Contains different views of horoscope: classical chart, planets view and plain text. Provides detail information about each element of horoscope.

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Uses 9 house systems, over 40 aspects for horoscope calculation, tropical and sidereal sign and much more. Astrosoft is a free indian astrology software program for astrologers and astrological students. This tool can be useful to plan gardening tasks or to view some astrology informations.

It is developed using libqt4 and Linux and should be portable to all platforms supported by libqt4. This software calculates the planet positions and make symbolon card tables according to the calculated constellation. It can draw the classical circular horoscope also. Astrolog is a free astrology software program since Astrolog can create horoscopes, natal charts, and calculate current planetary positions in sidereal, traditional, and heliocentric formats. Yet another astrology software.

Focused on Primary Directions. Based on Swiss Ephemeris. Still has a lot of things in queue to implement. Astrology software for PalmOS 5. It uses Swiss ephemeris for planetary calculation. Co-developer, document writer, and tester wanted for further release. Mudgala Hora is a windows-centric Vedic Indian Astrology software suite aiming to provide all mathematic calculations found or hinted at in traditional astrological works. It is useable today. It's goal is to provide a web interface for Astrolog to be operated via internet.

It uses Astrolog as the engine and netpbm to convert diff.

An Introduction to the BlueStar Astrology Software by Michael Erlewine

Astrology software project that will chart user data to an Astrological chart, a Tarot display, the Kabbalah tree of Life highlighting aspects and planets correspondence to those systems. Most of the code has already been written and will be uploaded soon. Need for C developers volunteers to refactor, enhance and develop the remainder of the application.

Please volunteer by sending an email and describing your C skills. The source will be posted after we have refactored and updated part Powerful astronomy and astrology software , contains know-how. You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login.

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Home Browse Search Results Results for: astrology software. Open Source Commercial. Chinese Traditional 1 French 1 Spanish 1 Tamil 1. Beta 3 Mature 2. Freshness Freshness Recently updated 3. Secure Password And IT Documentation Management Providing technicians rapid access to the privileged information and knowledge they need to effectively support clients. An excellent program for astrological research!

Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark - [PDF Document]

In competition with Solar Fire, Sirius is one of the best astrology programs! It has a very nice interface and excellent features, it offers all the working capabilities, many calculation options, a wide variety of chart formats, including superb animations and graphics and well-written reports. Even a simple enumeration of the basic features would take too much space and time to be appropriate here. Time Cycles — a software exclusively for Mac. It has several modules that can be purchased separately. It can run on both Windows and Mac OS. Vision — a program known especially on the German-speaking market.

Winstar — probably among the first commercial astrological programs in the world and one of the best currently available, a product of over 35 years of continuous development. Functional on all major platforms Windows, Mac, Unix. There are several variations of the original version on the market. AstrologR — the best Romanian software available. It runs on Windows machines. Astrology for Windows — the free version of the commercial software. Read below under the Free Special Programs section.

Cosmic Star — a free basic program that can produce a Natal Chart and a short natal report. Mastro -the free version of the commercial Canadian software. This is my favorite free software and I often prefer it to commercial programs ; it focuses on traditional techniques, without usless modern ornaments.

OpenAstro — a tiny, but capable software designed for Linux users. Urania — a Windows software compiled in Poland and based on. It can be also adapted for Mac and Linux. Valens — a program of Hellenistic astrology based on Morinus. What Watch — a powerful tool with a very nice interface that covers many areas and techniques of astrology. It works on both Windows and MacOS. Decision making, statistical research, horoscope rectification, stock market speculation etc.

Astrallis — a commercial program specialized in the calculation of primary directions. Astrology Forecast Software — software for primary directions. Astrotides — a software for lunar astrolog from Astrolabe. Day Watch — a comprehensive astrological calendar program.

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Genius Loci — it calculates geocentric and topocentric positions of the planets, angular speed values, apparent magnitudes, distances from Earth and many more. Horizons — a great tool for anyone interested in astromapping and relocation. MagiOracle — specialized in financial astrology. Planetary Aspects and Transits — a group of four Windows programs that calculates geocentric and heliocentric astrological aspects, world transits, personal transits and synastry. It seems to be useful in trading as well.

Solar Maps — a software for locational astrology. Solar Writer — report writers produced by the creators of Solar Fire. Special Uranian — a very complex program specialized in uranian astrology. Finds all the star relationships in a natal chart and then delineates them. Timaeus — a very simplified version of Delphi Oracle. Runs in the background and shows using visual and sound signals the planetary hours, but also gives access to the entire astrological chart of the moment.

Very useful in horary and elective astrology. AstroClock — a little Windows program to display planet positions transparently on your desktop. Cenon — introduces some novel ideas and techniques. It runs on Mac and Linux.

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ChronosXP — Before installing Timeaeus, Chronos calculated for many years the planetary hours for me. Zodiacal Aphesis — a small piece of software specialized in calculating the periods of releasing of planetary energies developed in the Hellenistic astrology.

Aquarius2Go — an Android app. It calculates natal charts, transits, progressions, solar returns, synastries, composite charts. Astro Gold — a great app for iOS and Android. I have it on my phone and tablet. Astrologie Aura — a pretty advanced Russian commercial app, with a free version. AstroVizor — a russian software. Very capable in terms of functionalities.

Smart Astrology — functional on Android. It provides a graphic display of transits and progressions relative to your natal chart for a given moment. Tropical Skies — an Android app. The access is based on subscription, at fair prices. It offers a wide variety of utilities and is intended to be a universal program, valid for all styles of astrology. The major advantage is that the app can be run on all mobile devices. It has a free option, limited in capabilities. Calculates your natal map, provides tables with essential dignities and other things.

Astroagg — a web application based on the old software Astrolog. It can be extremely helpful even for the professional astrologer. Astromart — calculates natal charts, synastries and transits. Astrotheme — calculates radix charts, transits, solar revolution, secondary and solar arc progressions, synastries, composite charts etc.

The Best Free Astrology Programs

You sign up as a member with username and password , then you have access to an online software for calculating different charts, as well as a database for the people whose data you are entering. NASA web service — see the Moon exactly as it appears, in its proper phase and angle. If you have a program that does not have an atlas integrated, you have to determine the coordinates of your native or current location by another method.

Astrodienst offers the best in astrological terms.